Going to school in a nudist camp

She admits that Magneri has an aortic aneurysm, which could burst under serious excitement or stress.Monk remembers the zoning board meeting is happening right then as they speak!She then runs out towards the water, but her pursuer catches up to her and stabs her a few times.As Vickie lies there dying, the attacker grabs the envelope and flees. Monk and the Naked Man is the 3rd episode of the sixth season of Monk.Late one night, a young woman named Vickie Deline frantically buzzes the intercom of a palatial beach house belonging to computer tycoon Peter Magneri, imploring him to let her in. Vickie turns around to find someone she recognizes wielding a knife at her.

Singer urges Monk to chill out and suggests that the owner of the beach house, billionaire software mogul Peter Magneri, might be involved.They attempt to distract Monk from seeing the naked bystanders.They’re temporarily successful, and Monk is able to deduce that Vickie was clutching something when she died.Monk reveals what happened: Arlene was working as an X-ray technician at the hospital a few weeks earlier.Examining Magneri's X-ray, she realized that he is actually seriously ill.

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