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In New Mexico, where Wild Earth Guardians is based, teams have helped restore riparian environments — or trees and other vegetation that need water in a desert ecosystem — to lower water temperatures and preserve aquatic species. Wild Earth Guardians plans to continue fighting for the environment for generations to come.This volunteer work is an essential part of Wild Earth Guardians’ mission, and the other aspect of the organization’s activities (including encouraging lawmakers to act on behalf of conservation) can be just as impactful. Wild Earth Guardians celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019, and over nearly three decades, the organization has tackled many significant challenges.In September, the organization will hold its Guardians Gala in Santa Fe, New Mexico.It will also host its annual Treehugger Bash in Albuquerque in December, with vegan food and a silent auction to raise money for the organization.“The virtual part is a bigger component of our work than it was,” John said.“ A bunch of our issues are national, as well.” For example, you can sign a petition encouraging political leaders to protect the Rio Grande.One of the reasons many couples care about environmental protection initiatives is that they love spending time together in the great outdoors.

Its most substantial victory was when it successfully ended logging on 21 million acres of forest in the Southwest.Specifically, members pledge to join a program called “I Am a Guardian.” Based on their location and their elected officials, the organization calls on those Guardians to advocate for specific issues or actions.Often, they contact their elected officials to influence policies that impact the mission of Wild Earth Guardians.You can also send messages to your political representatives asking to protect wildlife — and invite your friends on social media to do the same.“No matter where you are, you can be part of a community of like-minded, committed people who want to see the natural world protected,” John said.

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