Hannah christian grouplove dating

Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi, two of its founding members, had a child together.

They wrote and wrote and wrote, and after collaborating with an outside producer for the first time, released (Canvasback Music/Atlantic Records), their third album, last month.

ZUCCONI: That was super fun; it was the first time we got out of L. to record, and we have a real soft spot for Seattle, because music that came out of that part of the country changed our lives when we were younger, so it was nice to romanticize about that when we were up there.

MULLEN: It’s certainly a different vibe than Southern California.

They returned with their second full-length album, Spreading Rumours, in 2013.

MATT MULLEN: What was the writing process like for the album?

HANNAH HOOPER: We actually had the most time that we’ve ever taken to write an album since our first one. And we wrote about 40 songs, which is pretty crazy.

MULLEN: So out of 40 songs, how did the 11 that ended up on the album make the cut? Personally speaking, when I was first recording with Grouplove I was scared to let go in a certain way. I feel like I can go lyrically, emotionally, sonically to these places I wasn’t capable of going to before. ZUCCONI: This is also the first time we worked with an outside producer [Phil Ek]. Phil X is just an amazing dude; he’s done so many great records, for Built to Spill or early Modest Mouse or Band of Horses.

HOOPER: We wanted to make a full album that had a full conversation, and felt almost like a complete circle. HOOPER: We came to Phil with these songs we wanted to record.

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