Homemade my cam rachael taylor dating josh lawson

Also consider using transparency film and adding colour with markers, then holding this in front of the lens.

Bear in mind that by covering the lens with any object, you will lose some image sharpness.

It's even possible to get a tilt-shift effect with two streaks either side of the centre of the lens.

For this effect you can also use a cheap skylight or UV filter so you can rotate the plastic film, or if you're really daring and don't mind cleaning up later on, smear the Vaseline on the filter itself.

With a spare stash of glowsticks, add a colourful rainbow effect to portraits and general photos.

Simply activate the glowstick (smaller works better) and attach across the lens in whatever configuration works best.

Depending on the size of your lens, the sunglasses can either completely cover the scene or provide a secondary inset view like in the image below. Create a vintage and ethereal feel in your photos with a touch of petroleum jelly.

But, don't go smearing vaseline directly on your lens.

Choose where you want your point of focus to be within the glass and switch your camera into aperture priority mode.

A spare pair of stockings can make for a DIY soft-focus filter.

Simply slip the stocking over your lens and pull taut, then secure around the barrel with a rubber band.

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