How to have anonymous sex chats on ipod

This app is free and will always remain free to use, according to the developers.Other than a selfie, your identity on this app will remain anonymous so that you can meet other people in your area and see if things head in a more “adult” direction.

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See what’s going on at your local school/campus, view a news feed of what’s going on in your town, comment on other posts, connect with others who are nearby through private messaging, tag your friends and more. Create private, secure and confidential rooms while on the go.

" -Lifestylex Magazine "This is one of the safest dating apps out there.

10/10" -Soulful Dating Blog Our ideals are simple:- The app is free to download- Female users will have VIP features for free- Flamechat isn't a dating app for teens and it’s strongly recommended for adults 18 - Our target audience is straight adult people, but in the future updates we will design features for same sex people- Using inappropriate, nudes or porn content as profile picture is prohibited, and if you decide to do that you will be banned forever from our platform.

Create rooms on any type of topic, join rooms, search and discover new rooms, share rooms with others, private chat with others who are in the rooms and more. Post Yo provides a safe platform for users to express their thoughts and feelings without bullying, illegal acts, pornography, full nudity and anything else that might be related. Each post will have replies that represent the opinions of another user.

Open up the app and see all of the different topics. Vote posts up or down, message other users and get a random replier nickname every time you reply to a post.

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