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The irony is is that a radio broadcast came on about ppl touching others inappropriately after he did that.I feel like he only did it to look good in front of these performers that I took a picture with, it’s still odd and gross to me really and he’s never done that before.

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Our mother heard all of this, and is either in denial or didn’t put the pieces together completely.

Im 43 my aunts 57 we have sex all the time i feel very comfortable with her knowing she clean of stds and is always ready for when i need to cum we bareback no condoms by 2taboolatino69 on 12/16/2018 Person below me is kind of a dick when you tagged pain to be apart of your confession.

Your grandfather should be put down, anyone that does that you or any other kid deserves to die.

04/24/2019 I have to get this off my chest and this energy away from me, so....

My older sister used to rape my two sisters when they were younger and yes she knew what she was doing b/c she’s 6 years older than all of us.

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