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BUT they are going to be visible through transparent covering so it would be really nice if they all lined up. and i'm thinking you only need a single letter to identify each rib, root of each panel starts with "A", let the spar hole size identify which panel the rib belongs to. aside from the OCD issues i think it really looks nice.

i used to be a D tube fanatic but have fallen in love with this type of wing construction. the etched ID number on each rib is great, especially where the taper is really shallow like on the center panel.

I want to be able to fly this in RES contest so it needs to take a medium winch launch.

The trailing edge is at 80% of the cord and its designed that way so flaps can be cut in.

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I have a bunch of photos from todays build and need time to lay it all out. I will explain more later, Im in build mode but heres what I have accomplished so far. This morning I managed to get both mid and tip panels framed up. It still feels very strong both lengthwise and torsionally, and it not covered yet. I think I will wait to see what final uncovered weight is. the etched ID number on each rib is great, especially where the taper is really shallow like on the center panel.

As I mentioned on the 2M thread the fuse weighs 6.8 oz. Trailing edge, joiner tubes, center sheeting, and the tip-lets.

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