Intelligence and dating

They offered their insight on what emotional intelligence means, how to tell when you have more than your partner, and suggestions for balancing different levels of emotional intelligence in your relationship.

If one person has more emotional intelligence in a relationship than the other, that does When you're emotionally intelligent, you know what you're feeling and how to communicate that to other people."You are in touch with what you are feeling and its possible impact on your partner," Rubin tells Elite Daily.

She says, for instance, that if you phrase your feelings such as, "I feel," as opposed to "You made me feel," then you may be emotionally intelligent with your communication style.

Further, a range of niche sites connect people with highly specific interests, whether it’s single parenthood, a gluten-free lifestyle, or a devotion to Ayn Rand.Check out the “Best of Elite Daily” stream in the Bustle App for more stories just like this!Every day millions of people turn to dating apps to find love.That will set the tone for when your partner returns home in the evening."Spira says that differing levels of emotional intelligence isn't necessarily a bad thing."As a couple, you're two different personality types with different communication skills," she says."The worst thing you could do is attack your partner for not being as emotionally intelligent as you are if you feel you're doing all of the emotional work.

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