Interoffice dating rules

There are also the friends of the couple that know it is against company policy, but do they get their friends in trouble just because they know it is ethically right to always tell the truth.

Is the policy against workplace dating becoming a thing of the past?

While most employees would like to think so, most companies still have their adopted policies that ban or set limits on workplace dating in an effort of lowering their liability.

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These ethics involve the questions that are presented to the two employees that are breaking the rule, should they tell their supervisor about their feelings for each other or should one of them quit their job, and if so, which one is going to quit?This is a hard decision to make for any employee, as they have to ask themselves do they want to get involved in such a position, or is it even any of their business to begin with.These employees know that the ethical thing to do is let someone else know of this situation, but the repercussions to this decision may also lead to bad things for the employee that told.There are many different ethical situations that can be brought into play when two employees from within the same organization begin to involve themselves in an office romance.One of the first unethical actions is if these two involved employees are knowingly breaking the company rule that strictly prohibits any such activity.

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