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In terms of self-invalidation, many emotionally sensitive people would agree they invalidate themselves, but would argue that they deserve it. Verbal Invalidation There are many different reasons and ways that people who care about you invalidate you. Misinterpreting What It Means to Be Close: Sometimes people think that knowing just how someone else feels without having to ask means they are emotionally close to that person.It’s like saying they know you as well as you know you, so they don’t ask, they assume, and may even tell how you think and feel.

Maybe they tell you that you look great in a dress that in truth is not the best style for you.

Saying “It’s not such a big deal” when it is important to you is hoovering.

Saying someone did a great job when they didn’t or that your friends loved them when they didn’t is hoovering.

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a psychological disorder characterized by instability in relationship, identity, and affect; BPD is also associated with impulsivity and self-harm.

The prevalence of borderline personality disorder is 1.5 to 6 percent in the general population but about 20 percent in psychiatric inpatients.

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