Is michael cera dating charlyne yi in real life

There he sees a girl with unwaxed eyebrows, in sweatpants, strumming a guitar and she embodies beauty in her own independent way.

He smashing performance in the drama movie Gloria brought her further fame.

As you can see in the trailer, there are definitely real documentary elements to the film.

There are interviews with professors, average Americans, and kids on a playground, all giving their thoughts on what love is.

” when Star magazine “reported” that Cera had dumped Yi after three years of dating because he wanted to sow his wild oats (maybe with a girl named Maeby? There’s just one problem: According to Yi, who’s best known for her role as a stoner in ‘Knocked Up,’ she and Cera have never, ) boyfriend in the upcoming documentary-narrative hybrid ‘Paper Heart’: “We weren’t dating at the time [laughs] … While we can’t condone the gossip rag’s breakup story, we’ll give them a pass for thinking the two were an item in the first place.

With Cera and Yi playing versions of themselves who fall in love in ‘Paper Heart,’ it’s easy to see how they got confused.

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