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"#California Here We Come."Of course, followers expressed their excitement over seeing the two together again.However, the show's creator, Josh Schwartz, couldn't resist having a little fun.I only have until oct to get a result for the approval! THANKS:)Documents required for EAD/I-765 per person: Completed Form I-765 (EAD): photos(full frontal) USCIS filing fee - 0.00 check payable to 'United States Citizenship and Immigration Service' OR 'USCIS' with your (A# or SSN#) and I-765 mentioned in the comments section of the check Copy of recent I-94 card (both sides) Copy of visa page of passport in color Copy of driver's license Copy of I-485 receipt notice (if applicable) Copy of I-140 approval notice Copy of Marriage certificate (if applying for spouse) I also included the latest H1B Approval Notice and Birth Certificate as per the checklist by my lawyer.His fees was high so I filed couple of weeks back and got the Receipt Number from the back of my check.

Even tho his appnt was a week later they did his FP the same day... I have not received mine yet (I am the primary applicant), I have a few questions regarding this. A33: The current I-485 form version dated �7/30/07 Y� should be used.Mrane and Lramni Does one have to fight the "first tier" the security guard and then one can get in? It should be done thro lobbying and explining him/her in person why it is important to the eliminate country quota, hard country quota increase the baklog instead of reducing it. But please look at the first post in the thread requesting faxes to be sent. I you say you are out of town on appt date do they ask for a proof? It is very important to request any senater who is willing to help or undertand the issue. I did not understand the last of part of your response.He/She should to bring an amendment to the bills(Frist/Specter) to bring back the AC21 provision. It clearly mentions our strategy of sending a generic faxes and letting QGA become more specific during their meetings Also, we have had a ton of meetings with different senator's staff in DC (can't reveal their names as that would jeopardize our goodwill) where specifics were conveyed/discussedi don't know what to do right now.i stayed over april 2009 which is the end of my i-94 because i have a pending petition of immigrant as a nurse.

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