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Some config objects can only be used on the listed pages, while others are available globally.

What I have done to narrow down the problem: (1) Replace Object Data Source with an equivalent Access Data Source : same problem.

By using this abstraction library, you can gain more-granular control over themes’ presentation.

Use stencil-utils to: object can be passed in as part of the Stencil Utils API.

This was the method I created: It checks if the property exists at all (it doesn’t if it is an Item Added-event and the property is custom made) and if it differs.Such exception is probably aroused when ODS's do not match ODS Update Method's parameter.When I finally resort to set the Update Method's parameter manually, everything works!This is a strong evidence of such a possible exception.One piece of additional information: certain bind fields in the formview's edit template are optionally set to invisible during the course of editing.

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