James franco dating gossip

If he's gay friendly he wouldn't mind it if they called him gay.[/quote] Obviously, none of us here would personally know if he'd be offended.

The point is, is that the author/magazine can't say that he's gay without evidence, that's libel.r17 - James has spoken out about what he does with his dick...

Franco's gf is rumored to be cool with being used, agrees possibly in order to further her "acting" career--currently she's filming the movie "The Help" and likely wants to continue to climb the success ladder.

All who know Franco well, also know his partner, Vince well. I'm told is over the-top-possessive, with jealousy that rivals any girl.

I wonder what self identify as straight means, and I wonder, in general, how the hell R1 remotely knows what he is talkiing about including the terminology "self identify as straight".

Who do you know anywhere who when they socialize "self identify as straight" and therefore we think they are gay? If you read the looong New York magazine profile of Franco from a few months ago, by a gay writer, you came away thinking this is likely a straight guy who is nonetheless interested in queer theory and homosexuality as an artistic subject.

actor and his girlfriend were spotted donning their helmets and taking a ride at the beach on Wednesday (August 28) in Mykonos, Greece.

I know that answer doesn't cut it for most of the black and white thinkers who frequent this board, but it's the best you're gonna get. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I've known a couple of men in LA who have dated him. With all due respect to you, R8, and the magazine writer, no straight man loves to be immersed in "queer theory".

But, multiple sources close to the hunky actor confirmed this news to us, and - what more - they tell us that his boyfriend is staying with him in Canada, where they are filming. This Slutty actress has bearded a closeted actor in the past. Answer Sienna, Jude, Hayden and James Franco My male friend had a three-way with him and a girl.

If he "self-identifies" as straight, he must have forgotten because he sure was bi that night. As my friend put it, "he pounded me while I was pounding the chick.""It was rare, but when he socialized with fellow NYU students last year he did not self-identify as straight. If everyone and anyone in Hollywood right now is coming out with no big fuss, you would think James Franco would have admitted already that he’s gay.

Plus, these gays, sorry GUYS, pay these women in a few cases--sometimes a lot of money. Someone on eonline said his bf is Vince and gf is a beard:"Franco, obviously.

Old news, but currently interesting I suppose due to the drag spread he just did in Candy mag.

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