Jewish girl dating italian guy professional black women dating white men

I hope you’re not mad but I dated a black girl for 3 years in secrecy and she was fine with that arrangement”. I’m at my local Trader Joe’s an I’m looking like a big ass 5-year-old ( you know a bright colored top, mix-matched leggings, sneakers and my book-bag) and I’m stop by an older ( maybe 40-45) Hasidic Jewish man stopped me to ask me directions to the nearest synagogue.

We talked on the phone and as we tried to get to know each other, he told me how he’s ready for children.Once our date was over and we was in the car he reached over and tried to grab my hair – which threw me off and my reaction was to smack his hand – but he kept saying how much he likes my hair and how he thought I was cute and he hit me with the deal-breaker.” I really think you’re cute and I think you’re a smart girl but my family will never approve of you or this relationship.Experience 4 In Queens, NY I met a Jewish man, age 38, unwed, childless and he approached me sort of strong.He complimented me endlessly and made it appear he only wanted to long-term date.

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