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You’ll find thousands of people come to this city every month to study Spanish, live cheaply, and party. Many rich Guatemalans come here to party on the weekends from Guatemala City, especially the gringo hunters.Both of these cities give you a great chance to sleep with Guatemalan girls.Guatemala City is the largest city in Central America.With nearly three million people, you’ll have a lot of Guatemalan girls to choose from.While you have to look to find great looking girls here, they will stay loyal to you if you want a girlfriend.Guatemalan food is also fantastic and these girls love to cook for their man.I found the girls here to be some of the more loyal Latin girls around.Guatemalan culture is more reserved and conservative than a lot of places in Latin America.

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While the talent was hit or miss, there’s some hot chicks using the site in Guatemala City and they will respond.In Guatemala City, online dating is your best option to meet girls.The city is somewhat dangerous still, although things have gotten a lot better lately, especially in the nicer areas of the city.The country has four times more people than Panama does and over three times as many as Costa Rica! The stats dictate that there’s some good looking girls somewhere in Guatemala.It took me a minute to figure out where they all hang out, but once I did, I couldn’t get enough of Guatemalan women.

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