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Sometimes, Lincoln thinks he is tired of his sisters' antics, only to find he quickly gets lonely without them, as shown in "Linc or Swim".However, he hardly finds time for himself, and blames the sisters for this, because he must be with them in all of their activities.

An example was when they all took care of him when they thought he was sick, but all he had was a paper cut.In "Chore and Peace", Lincoln was done of always being the one taking the trash out and the sibling with the most hard chore so he asked his sisters to swap chores with him, but they refuse, saying there's a "very delicate balance" in the house.Lincoln, frustrated, goes on strike until he gets what he wants.Despite the chaotic, insane, and occasionally stressful antics from his sisters, he loves them deeply, and really cares for them.For the most part, he has fun being a part of their chaos, and doesn't mind being the only boy.

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