Lithuania sexy webcam girls

As a result, I’ve had to remove some of the real photos of Lithuanian women and replace them with stock photos.Traveling solo is a very important aspect in the life of a single man.Unfortunately the same can not said about other Baltic countries (I’m looking at you here, Riga).(Kyle’s note: you can also add Prague, Tallinn, parts of Poland, and more to this list…)And last – but definitely not least… So before I give you a detailed account of what Lithuanian girls are like, let me explain a few things about their dating culture.

It’s also worth noting that Lithuanian news picked this article up and interviewed me.

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One of my dates actually said ‘Any Lithuanian woman bigger than a size 36* is considered fat’.

They also tend to be rather tall, which is not great for a 5″ 7′ guy like myself – but I liked the fact that even short girls had long legs.

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