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The Smart Controls populate the lower third of the Main Window.To view, select the Smart Controls button on the left side of the Control bar on top of the Main Window — its icon looks like a rotary encoder.Follow these instructions to switch between Sound Grid v9 and v10.

Audio is streamed from an ASIO, Core Audio or Sound Grid audio interface to the server, processed by the server (instead of your computer) in low latency, and streamed back to the audio interface. Please help me Audacity Forum, you’re my only hope.” That was 12 years… “Audacity crashed when splitting a stereo track to mono.To start with a particularly vivid example: Multi-mapping is when a single control is changing more than one parameter.These parameters can be within a track's channel strip (pan, level, mute, for example), instrument, effects plug-ins, sends, or even from multiple instruments inside a track stack.

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