Lr dating

Many men marry women who are about the same age as they are, as soon as they are 30.

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He also needed to speak the native language and, of course, be an all-around good guy with a steady job.

If this is true, you might expect me to congratulate all men who are now winning the dating game and enjoy their life with an abundance of seduction, sex and beautiful women.

Many men believe that they can’t get younger women and that they are creeps or perverts, in case they dare to approach women who are younger than they are because movies, the media and the society told them that this is wrong.

I would definitely not consider myself an expert, so to improve, I spend my time interviewing the greats to find out the life hacks, tricks, techniques and component to speed up my development and evolution to becoming a better man.

I look forward to you joining along on the journey to your own next level!

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