Lynda validating and processing

Learn how to use the model-driven forms approach to build out a model representation of form data in code and bind it to native HTML form elements.

This course also explores how to implement validation, using Java Script, in case you need more fine-tuned control of your interactions.

Throughout the course, he provides practical advice and offers examples of best practices.

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He also designed large newspaper sites and created interactive projects/games for the Tribune network of newspapers.

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Angular allows you to easily handle dynamic form validation by taking advantage of two-way data-binding functionality.

This course shows how to build HTML web forms using the building blocks, built-in validation properties, and methods of the Angular forms module.

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Instructor Alex Theedom shows how to extend the API with custom constraints and how to internationalize validation failure messages.While Java Script Object Notation (JSON) is a powerful tool for computer-to-computer communication, human developers have to untangle its many pieces to make that communication flow smoothly.Many apps and services produce and consume data in JSON format.Learn how PHP can simplify the creation of forms, read and validate form data, and display errors.Kevin also covers the fundamentals of My SQL and how to use PHP to efficiently and securely interact with a database to store and retrieve data.

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