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The Communications Commission of Kenya counted 16.2 million internet users and 4.3 million smartphone owners in the country by the end of 2013.Similarly, an estimated 4 million Kenyans use Facebook, also mostly connecting through their phones.It should have been the perfect place to catch up with Kenya’s online dating enthusiasts.However, when pressed on whether they would use technology, the majority of those randomly interviewed replied in the negative.Max went further, repeating an oft-cited limitation of developing real-life relationships based on online personas: “Based on what’s on social media there’s no hope for our generation.Everyone has unrealistic expectations that they themselves cannot fulfill.” Nor is the kind of honesty available online exactly the kind of honesty Kenyan users want.

A lot of the people you meet online aren’t genuine.” Users agreed that the limits of online dating in some ways reflected the issues that exist in the physical world.To achieve these numbers, Facebook was forced to simplify its mobile version in order to cope with slow internet speeds, a problem that Tinder doesn’t face given the simplicity of the app.most active African country on Tinder, both in raw numbers and by the percentage of its population that uses it.Yet the success of the “dating” part depends on factors beyond technology.Cultural and social issues shape romantic relationships, and conversations with tech-savvy Kenyans reveal that app developers have their work cut out for them.

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