Martin dating guitar

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If you’re wondering who buys vintage Martin guitars in Alabama, the Southeast, and the United States then you’ve come to the right place.

The reason C F Martin Company continued to state that their guitars came from New York is because they retained a distributor (they called it a sales agency) here, named C. Zoebisch & Sons, and also because the cases were black in keeping with contemporary New York fashion.

This pine coffin style case, although its lid is loose, has one of the most beautiful (and working) latches on the front and is held closed and secure with an, um, bungee cord.

It's hard to be sure but there may have been some tampering done to remove the serial number.

I believe the owner when he said it had been purchase as new from a friend in 1970. Should I buy and is the guitar devalued because of the lack of serial number?

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