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After his she heads off with the Yakuza to go give some palm readings.

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Fourth Date: I opted for Shogi again, as this seemed to be her favorite thing and it’s easy to cheese.If you’ve raised her affection level to the current max on the bar at this point (which you will if you’ve answered all the questions the suggested way and given her the earrings) you’ll have unlocked her first locked conversation. You can give her a gift if you wish, at this point just go with whichever you feel like buying before.If you haven’t you can do the other options first to raise the bar more. Sana isn’t a “mature lady”, so probably stick to the other items.Location up to you, though Nanami is really into Drones, so Drone Race is probably a good first pick. Even without any Drone upgrades at all if you’ve not ventured into them you should be able to win, just use turbo regularly and stick to the inside corners. You’ll then be able to message Yukko: Ask Yukko-san I am. You’ll have the date spot marked on your map just North of Dragon’s Palace, head over there when you’re ready. Send her a text, then text Yukko, then Nanami, then Yukko, then Nanami one more time.In regards to drinking on the first date: Either answer (you go for drinks anyway) Questions can be asked in any order: After the first date, respond to her texts with: I don’t mind. You can then text her back on your own time when you want to have a date again: How’ve you been? You’ll then have a date marker over in Wette Kitchen, where you should go to speak to Yukko. Third “Date”: When you’re done the conversation Yukko will now be turned around staring at you like a weirdo. Once the date is done, select: I’d rather investigate some things we can do together. Last text you’ll ask to meet her over at Theater Square, where a marker for her will show up shortly.

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