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The former could also imply the consequences of negative sexual health and lack of sexual activity, such as depression, low self-esteem, increased frustration, and loneliness.There are already numerous health concerns linked primarily with aging, but when sex is added into consideration, this opens up discussion for many other related concerns.This shift in attitudes and behaviors has combined with medical advances to prolong a sexually active life and change the landscape of aging sexuality.Sexual health and expression reflects a physical, mental, and emotional need that affects individual health and intimacy quality for older couples’ relationships. Syme found that, "Having a sexual partnership, with frequent sexual expression, having a good quality sex life, and being interested in sex have been found to be positively associated with health among middle-aged and older adults." There are a number of associated health benefits with practicing positive sexual health.Desire for intimacy does not disappear with age, yet there are many restrictions placed on the elderly preventing sexual expressions and discouraging the fulfillment of sexual needs.Sexuality in older age is often considered a taboo, yet it is considered to be quite a healthy practice; however, this stigma can affect how older individuals experience their sexuality.In a comparison survey, it is also worth noting that they were reported less knowledgeable than Turkish physicians and U. Educated health providers are needed to educated the general public and older adults (active and inactive) on sexual health and healthy expression.Sexually transmitted infections (STDs/STIs) can also be prevalent in later life, despite common misconceptions that STDs only affect younger people and groups.

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From this information, they assumed that "training that is specific to older patient’s sexual health is limited, if available at all." The results of the study showcased that U. health care providers on average were less knowledgeable than U. graduate nursing students on the topics of sexual health and aging sexuality. However, the group reported to be even less knowledgeable on aging sexuality than U. primary care providers consisted of nursing home staffs and older adult care workers.

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Common health conditions hindering older adults are illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, cancer, kidney disease, and spinal cord injury.

These conditions heavily impact individual sex lives.

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