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In order to prove his loyalty, Glaber hands him a dagger and tells him to cut off his brand.Not wanting to displease his new master, Ashur cuts the branded skin from his flesh.Despite the pain, they are unable to get him to even make a noise.Ashur explains that Oenomaus is a man of honor and won't easily give information about Spartacus.The next thing Spartacus and Crixus hear is Agron stabbing the driver in the throat.

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Meanwhile, at Batiatus' Ludus, Glaber is attempting to torture information out of Oenomaus.At the rebel base, Spartacus and Agron are making plans for their next location of attack. While Spartacus like how they are in striking distance of Pompeii, Agron also points out nearby Neapolis.Agron explains that it is known for its slave ships, and that many of them carry trained soldiers that already hate Rome and are headed for the arena Spartacus agrees and says that he will inform Crixus.He asks Spartacus how he survived the loss of Sura.Spartacus tells him that his old self didn't survive, and that the hole in his chest was filled by the blood of dead Romans.

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