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" The clipping has caused quite a stir on Twitter, where people are divided on whose side they're on.

One person simply wrote: "Don't see what the big deal is, they're simply not compatible." That's for sure.

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He called feminism 'toxic' which allowed women to behave as 'slags'. I think it was pretty awful but he messaged me saying he had a pretty good time which I found confusing!

I found this very insulting and I was actually very offended... " However, 19-year-old Sophia went in a bit harder - labelling Danny a "Tory and anti-feminist".

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Danny Tapper - from Aberdeen - said he and his date had a "political discussion", while London-based Sophia Kypriotis called him "anti-feminist".

And the ' You-turner' is the brutal new dating trend that sees women suddenly bail on a relationship.

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The piece - which was shared on Twitter - explains that the pair are both studying at Newcastle University, and had met up in a local bar. Danny admitted that he felt "awkward" because he's "not used to meeting someone not even knowing their name", but stated that he had an "open mind"."We were both interested in politics so we started talking about it and found that we had quite different views.

I think the fact that we were both into politics meant that we talked about it but it was more a discussion than clashing...

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