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His grandparents sent him to live with his mother who had moved to Seattle.

At a young age, he broke into neighbors homes, shoplifting, and even being expelled from school for selling drugs.

Nikki Sixx is busy on The Dirt Movie: We Wanted To Tell A Story That Had Multiple Layers. He has been with many girls in the past including Lita Ford in 1980s whom he dated for six years. In 1989, he first married to a Playboy Playmate Brandi Brandt from whom he has three children Gunner Nicholas Six, Decker Nilsson Sixx, and Storm Brieann Sixx. He married another playboy playmate Donna D'Erico from he has a daughter Frankie-Jean Sixx. From 2008 to 2010, he was seen with a famous tattoo artist, Kat Von D.

Nikki Sixx height is 6ft 1in and weight around 86 kg. He started dating Courtney Bingham and finally tied the knot with her on Match 15, 2014.

He changed his name to Nikki Sixx while learning how to play bass guitar.

He later joined the group called His band did exceptionally well at this time but later got addicted to heroin. In 1991, his band released a compilation of all their hit songs and regarded it as A new self-titled album was also released with a new band member in 1996 before Nikki Sixx got fired.

Nikki Sixx was born as Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna on December 11, 1958, in San Jose, California.

He is best known as the co-founder, bassist, and primary songwriter of the band Motley Crue. Nikki Sixx is famous because Motley Crue biopic, "The Dirt", based on The New York Times best-selling 2001 autobiography by Crue and Neil Strauss is finally hitting the flat-screen today(March 22) after 13 years of development limbo.

Initially, this line focused on men’s clothing and has now slowly expanded to women’s wear.

Soon, he entered into a relationship with Kat Von D between 20.

He lived there for a short time and learned how to play the bass guitar having bought his first instrument with money gained from selling a guitar he had stolen.

However, he became delinquent and got himself engaged in drugs.

At the age of 17, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as selling vacuums and chose to work in a liquor store.

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