Novell support advisor problem consolidating database

Enterprise planning, budgeting, and forecasting from Cognos lets organizations create and maintain models for thousands of tightly linked operations.These planning models can be created and communicated in days.BPS supports budget and forecast development for multiple departments, branches, and legal entities, taking into account instrument maturities, rate changes and other financial institution-specific issues using a user-defined account and center structure.A variety of flexible forecasting options are supported including alternative business cases, and a top-down vs. The forecasting engine is strong when forecasting non-interest income and expense.For example, it could be used for determining program design specifications.The user would list all desirable features, the criteria by which he or she is judging those features, and the names of the people participating in the final decision.Includes different plans for different types of business. CODA-Planning is a planning and consolidation solution.Business forecasts include sales, personnel, P&L, cash flow, balance, ratis, break-even, and others, all fully linked in built-in menu-driven tables mode. It allows multiple users to contribute to a perpetual planning process - using browser-based technology - so that the plan can be continually revisited and refined.

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CODA-Planning automates the consolidation process and also makes perpetual planning a competitive advantage.

Backup software and replication software are powerful tools used to protect data against loss due to hardware failure, natural disasters, and other problems.

Features like encryption, key management, compression, data de-duplication, WAN support and content indexing are frequently found in enterprise backup products.

The Advisor Series consists of three modules: Budget Advisor, an enterprise-wide budgeting and forecasting system fully user-definable to meet companies' unique needs; Payroll Planner, which allows companies to project with comprehensive detail exactly how much their employees will cost; and Information Advisor, which provides the tools needed to access, analyze and report upon all of key information throughout the organization.

ALCIE V is a mid-range multi-company, multi-currency business solution to enterprise requirements.

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