One to one webcam exhibitionist

Needless to say, with the stress my wife was under, and with her Mother in the house, terminally ill, my wife's sex drive on those few occasions, was nearly nonexistent.

Then while I was out on the road on business, I could make sure that my housekeepers weren't ripping me off, using my house for illicit reasons, or snooping where they had no business snooping.

I did call her, and we did have phone sex, which is something that my wife had almost never done the entire time that I had known her.

But since I "caught her", in the act, at a particularly horny moment, she was game.

Little did I know, that these cameras were going to become a treasure trove of sexual pleasure, way beyond my wildest dreams!

After Brandie was back home, and had finally released all of that pent up tension that she had been under for so many months, we started to get our lives back to normal.

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