Online dating for the disabled

At Enabled Love, we believe that it's not your disability that counts, it's the person beyond that disability.

We encourage our members to look inside of each person and hold back judgement.

Only one disabled single out of 10,000 might be your soulmate...

Our handicap dating website will locate him for you.

There is nothing difficult about it other than choosing an accessible date venue and, luckily, you have my blog to help you out with that.

And why not register on another dating site for people with disabilities? Our handicap dating site and unique matchmaking engine have been designed to leverage our massive database of handicapped singles so you can start dating someone with a disability in a matter of minutes.

People that don’t go out dates with people because of a wheelchair or a disability or missing out on many things.

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If you need other accessible dating venues, well, read my blog Legless in Dublin.Tinder is a massive platform for shallow and superficial behaviour. Sure I swipe left in anyone comes up in an Abercrombie t-shirt.We are putting our appearances and basic level of interests up for judgement.I always thought I was a very open minded person but maybe I’m not I hate myself for being so shallow. On air, I said something along the lines of this: Tinder dates are weird and everybody has some anxiety going on one but you went through with it - so well done.You worried about the right things - will he fit in the door and are the tables too high.

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