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Last year, Stanton competed in the Empire Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship, and this year Spalding will compete. “I’m all about now, a fly by the seat of your pants guy,” Stanton said.

“She’s a planner and a list maker.” In addition, they discovered political differences.

Love Stories celebrates relationships that are strong and enduring.

Whether you’re dating, recently married, or have passed the 50-year mark, let us tell your tale.

Hartung Theatre is a 417 seat performing arts theater built in 1973 that is a part of the University of Idaho Department of Theatre and Arts.

The theatre hosts academic productions and is the home of the Idaho Repository Theater.

He wrote that he was the ‘reluctant social director for his friends.’ ” That made her smile, so she winked at him. “She had a goofy picture of her and her kids wearing clown noses,” he recalled.

And for Spokane Valley’s Mary Spalding and Lee Stanton it led to true love. Two years ago, the recently divorced single mom waded cautiously into the world of online dating.The Nuart Theatre is a movie theater that also acts as a bookstore, an espresso shop, and a concert venue.The cinema regularly has speakers, comedians, drama troupes, and illusionists perform in the auditorium.“I was out of practice and kind of nervous.” When she read Stanton’s profile on, she liked what she saw.“I thought his picture was really cute and he seemed quick-witted.

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