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It may also include receiving from the second user a preference indication for the first user profile.The method may further include determining a score of a third user profile of the plurality of user profiles as a potential match for the second user.Another problem is that the search results of these services contain many irrelevant entities to the searcher.This costs the user of the service time and may deter them from continuing through all of the search results.Another problem is that large numbers of unwanted communication requests can become a nuisance to the user.Too many nuisance requests may deter the user from further use of the system. Many of these architectures have gained significant notoriety because they can offer the benefits of automation, convenience, management, and enhanced consumer selections.

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The method further comprises identifying commonality between a third user profile of the plurality of user profiles and the second user profile.The method also comprises presenting the potential match user profile to a second user.Receiving a preference indication for a first user profile may include receiving from a third user a recommendation of the first user profile for the second user.In addition, the method comprises presenting to the first user the third user profile as a potential match for the first user.Depending on the specific features implemented, particular embodiments may exhibit some, none, or all of the following technical advantages.

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