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You should look up your local access number and try calling in that way.In the unlikely event that we do not provide local service to your area, call our 24-hour toll-free Customer Service at 1-800-984-6889 and they'll help you get connected.Whether you agree or disagree on something, both are great ways to build stronger interest and attraction through phone chat dating.If you meet someone you like on phone chat, don't try to impress her by going on and on about yourself.

Unlike online dating, we don’t require you to provide us with personal information, profile questionnaires or intimate details.Instead, match her pace, turning each other on with playful words and tone of voice.Remember, the ladies on Livelinks Chatline are real singles and are not paid to talk to you, so be respectful and have fun!If you haven’t tried phone chat before, discover Livelinks Chatline as the perfect place to meet local singles and experience the power of voice chat and instant connections through live chat dating.Livelinks Chatline offers all first-time male callers a Free Trial.

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