Playfire not updating psn

While gaming can be a great way to spend your time, sometimes you might want to find an efficient way of managing your game library on your computer.In the situation depicted above, third-party applications such as Playfire can help you achieve convenient results in an effortless manner by providing you with all the necessary features.

All you have to do is upload an image you like and then reposition & resize it until it looks perfect in the real-time preview. In addition to automation & new custom background themes we've added a bunch of cool, new details to the card such as: PSN Level progression percentage, the number of people you are beating in the leaderboard and your country flag.And for those interested in stats; the Playfire trophy card has gone from strength to strength since we launched it and is now being served nearly 1 million times.To get your own click the following link: Automated Trophy Widget Creator Tool Special Mentions Ocativio has done it again and added 8 fantastic new profile themes to the site! The 8 new Profile Themes are: Gears of War 2 Halo Wars Killzone 2 - Propaganda Killzone 2 - Town GTA4 - Lost and Damned Prince of Persia Resident Evil 5 Resistance 2 We hope you guys like the new trophy card and themes!Basically, the main window is a wrapper for the Playfire website, as all the components are available directly in the app: "Blog," "Buzz," "Discuss," "Charts" and "Rewards." Despite the fact that you can link your Steam account to this application, games, friends, achievements and statistics are not synchronized and there is no way that you can do so.This application enables you to manage your game library, but the content must be purchased from the Green Man Gaming store and synchronized with your GMG account.

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