Problem updating spybot

It can clean programs and the web usage tracks from your PC.

Each time when you browse the Internet, most websites will follow you using all kind of "aggressive" tracking cookies.

Note: the first two buttons - "Update" and "System Scan" are those that should be enough for the home user that wants to check for any infections. You can also use the "Quarantine" (4) section if you want to purge quarantined items or perform an individual "File Scan" (5).

Additionally, you can check the "Statistics" (6) for detailed stats, read the latest "News!

The second option that you can use is the (2) "System Scan" that will scan your computer for known infections.

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We will discuss about Basic and Advanced sections because "Professional" features are available in the paid version of Spy Bot that also comes with its antivirus engine.

Also, the "Advanced" section has two other modules that are not available in the free edition.

Almost all antivirus solutions will ignore "tracking cookies" or other invasive privacy practices.

The primary Spy Bot interface (Free Edition) has three sections: Basic, Advanced and Professional tools.

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