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I've always planned to get a tattoo of the two-body equation on my chest.

It would be a great foot-in-the-door line:"Oh you have tattoos? ""It's the two-body equation, want to help me solve it?

Just got dumped by a girl who couldn't conceive how I would spend 10 hours at a time writing programs and not be able to hang out with her every second of every day. I dated an electrical engineer and the way he'd get excited about explaining currents and circuits, even though I didn't really grasp a lot of it, was hot.

I also went on a few dates with a civil engineer who worked at a nuclear site, and I really enjoyed hearing about the process of how a nuclear plant is built.

One of these things is not like the others But seriously OP, I'm an engineer.

I've literally been told "I could never date an engineer" as well as having seen several girls suddenly look disinterested when I told them what I do.

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As the most popular and highly acclaimed millionaire dating sites for professionals, members will get the greatest opportunities to meet wealthy individuals.I think the nuance of it is more attractive than actually dating someone in my profession.It can be a tough schedule with a lot of hours (twenty-four hours on duty at the firehouse with forty-eight to seventy-two hours off) but it is super common to pick up an extra twenty-four shift after your regular one.They aren't deeply interested in things the way some guys are.I have been a professional firefighter-paramedic for going on eight years now, the experience as it relates to dating has been more negative than anything in my experience.

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