Pros and cons of dating married women

Even if he does leave his wife and eventually enters into a committed relationship with you, the nagging feeling that he's a proven cheater may weigh on you heavily.If you are single and having a relationship with a married man, it will not be as fulfilling as dating a single guy.It's not uncommon for single people to become attracted to married men.This might reveal a number of things about the individual; do they fear commitment?I am a Christian who is engaged to marry a woman who was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses but she is not a devout member herself.Her mother and step-father are very active in the Watchtower organization.Sometimes the hope of having a love affair is that he will leave his wife and marry you. However, the majority of the time, the married man only wants to have an affair.

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If he's willing to break a vow like that, how trustworthy will he be in looking out for your needs in the relationship?

You may not care about being caught, but your feelings may change if your spouse finds out and files for divorce.

Sometimes people don't realize what they have until they lose it.

Getting to know someone new and trying new activities together is a lot of fun.

A long-term relationship may feel boring and stale in comparison.

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