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When students' curiosities are peaked, they will learn on their own, the teacher just scaffolds. Students need to know enough to be curious but not more.

Use students' prior knowledge to drive differentiation.

Students taking ownership of their learning is natural when they are motivated to learn, as inquiry is a great way to ignite their passions.

Dream of a day when every student is collaborating with their peers about something they are curious in.

There are a thousand ways of implementing the science practices into your curriculum as the practices are only about what the students are expected to do, not how they learn the practices.

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So the rate at which this happens, so the rate of carbon-14 decay, is essentially half disappears, half gone, in roughly 5,730 years. Even better, maybe you dig a little deeper, and you find another bone. And you say, wow, you know this thing right over here has 1/4 the carbon-14 that I would expect to find in something living. Well, if it only has 1/4 the carbon-14 it must have gone through two half lives.

After one half life, it would have had 1/2 the carbon.

Since a crossingcutting concept takes content from several disciplinary core ideas, students experience the crossingcutting concept through several different examples.

By using different examples, the students need to rely on using a crosscutting concept to solve problems from different topics.

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