Research about dating in internet

But, you’re probably wondering, how the hell are they defining what makes someone “desirable”?

A group of researchers recently attempted to decode the world of heterosexual online dating and found not just that women go for older men and men for younger women, but that so many Americans are seeking a partner “out of their league.” On average, researchers found, both heterosexual men and women go after people who are around 25 percent more “desirable” than themselves.Research suggests that online dating has led to more interracial marriages, more couples with different religions and levels of education, and also pairings with partners who tend to be closer in age (pdf).You know the type: Those friends who think they’ve found the best way to game Tinder, insist wearing a dress instead of jeans will catch someone’s attention, or that the most fruitful way to find love is by going on the .“Now it is basically an individual quest.” This has also created a billion-plus industry to help people on that quest (paywall).Thomas and his counterparts’ research paper is currently under review for publication in an academic journal.

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