Roaming profiles not updating

These features used to be referred to as Intellimirror.Administrators can use Folder Redirection, Offline Files, and Roaming User Profiles to centralize storage for user data and settings and to provide users with the ability to access their data while offline or in the event of a network or server outage.This method allows you to granularly configure a users roaming profile path location however it is a lot more laborious process to ensure that they are consistent with the folder redirection policy that is also applied to the users.Windows 8 and 8.1 now has another version of roaming profiles which are incompatible with the Windows Vista/7 versions (

Roaming User Profiles is used to redirect a user profile to a network location.

With cost-aware synchronization, Windows disables background synchronization when the user is using a metered network connection, such as a 4G mobile network, and the subscriber is near or over their bandwidth limit, or roaming on another provider’s network.

Note Metered network connections usually have round-trip network latencies that are slower than the default 35 millisecond latency value for transitioning to Offline (Slow Connection) mode in Windows 8, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012.

Roaming Profiles are not copied back to the server when the user loges off.

I have a Windows 2000 server and Window XP clients.

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