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The closest major centre to Norquay is Yorkton, 100 kilometres south of the town. "So if I find someone I am interested in, then I'm driving an hour, an hour and a half, two hours to have coffee with someone." Online, most people are up-front and honest about not wanting to date someone who lives a great distance away, said Peters.

And while some might consider moving just for a wider dating pool, that's not a jump Peters is eager to make.

But for the dream of it, I don't think that it would work." Knudson said more traditional advertising in newspapers like The Western Producer or websites like Farmzilla geared towards rural populations can pay off for some singles looking for love, while others might find success in matchmaking services.

Her university students sometimes talk about dating as work, but as people get older, the demands are even more taxing, said Knudson.

(Gary Bergen/Submitted by Watrous Manitou Beach Heritage Centre)Kelly Kuntz wasn't expecting to find love in her hometown of Qu' Appelle, Sask.

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I tell him he was secretly waiting for me." The two have been married since 1999, proof that romance can be found in small towns, despite the limited dating pool and distance from larger centres.She said her university students talk about connecting with people online and driving four or five hours to meet these prospective partners, but long-term, that kind of commitment is taxing."A lot of these tools, when they work, they work really well, but it's not always a successful thing in the sense that a lot of people don't want to move urban to rural," she said, pointing to the trend of urbanization as a challenge for rural dwellers.As much as she would celebrate love coming into her life again, Peters noted there are other things that are important.The friends who have been by her side throughout the roller-coaster of divorce are like family to her, and hold her close to Norquay.

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