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The characters are so well written and captivating I felt myself wanting to high five them all as they got closer to catching the murderers.

This book starts out with the systematic and precise murder of a very normal family as they slept.

MOVIE NEWS Wolverine Opens Huge Jackman on Potential Sequel According to studio estimates, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" opened to a very strong million on Friday (including million from midnight shows) and is estimated to have taken in million over its opening weekend.

That tally puts the film well above initial internal expectations by 20th Century Fox (-75 million) and even above numbers rival studios were expecting ( million).

Tempe continues to put her foot in it socially, particularly when a case involves Booth’s Catholic religion.

Among the classy episodes are ‘The Girl with the Curl’ about child beauty Queens, (with a wonderful scene of Tempe trying to talk to a group of 8 year olds at a dance class!

In our somewhat late wrap-up of last week’s genre news, we also have a look at Iron Man 2, lots on Transformers 2 and tons more movie news.

In TV Land we have a look at Nimoy in Fringe, updates on Lost, SGU, Chuck and much more.

Meanwhile, looking towards the future, star Hugh Jackman told MTV News that he’s been talking with the writers about a potential sequel and says that wants it to be based on the Japanese saga in the comic book.Eve Dallas and her team on the NYPSD, around the year 2050.This puts them in the near enough future to not lose the Nora Roberts audience and just enough to have some cool futuristic gadgets and lure in some sci-fi fans.Booth and Brennan continue to spar verbally with each other and some of their exchanges will have you laughing out loud.When a fellow agent, Sully, begins a relationship with Tempe, Booth’s feelings are confused – but as is observed, Tempe “is rubbish at being a girl” and her own complicated life does not bode well for a permanent relationship.

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