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These portable spas are the perfect option for a hot tub indoors or outdoors.

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Read more When people think about their later years, they usually imagine a life freed from work or career commitments.

They hope, too, that this new freedom will allow them to give their full attention to family, friends, and the activities they feel most passionate about.

Read more We all know that the timeshare buying process is daunting, and it might seem like the salesperson is either the devil incarnate or your best friend- neither of which is true.

” That’s a complicated question because one rollator will not solve all mobility issues.

Just like young parents usually own multiple strollers for their kids for different circumstances, we would like to suggest you own these 3 products to prevent […] The post 3 Rolling Walkers You Need to Cover Every Situation appeared first on Senior News. Home equity conversion mortgages A home equity conversion mortgage or HECM (pronounced “heck ‘em”) is the only type of reverse mortgage that’s backed by the Federal Housing Authority.

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