Sex behind the scenes

Vanessa Grigoriadis learns about their clash of visions, as well as the invisible force on the set: the fans. “No, it was amazing,” said Taylor-Johnson, adding that women shouldn’t listen to male doctors at hospitals who tell them to give birth in a certain way. “It’s like, ‘Screw off—it’s my body.’ ”On a recent weekday at A.Few women in the world are more self-actualized than Erika Leonard, better known as E. James, the 51-year-old, dark-tressed British author who created a compendium of her sexual fantasies, called the book trilogy (yes, there will be not one, not two, but three movies, provided that the first, which opens in theaters on Valentine’s Day, isn’t a colossal misfire). She’s also futzed with her name of late, after falling in love with Aaron Johnson, the 24-year-old The two were married in 2012, and together they have two daughters, whom Aaron delivered on his own at their home in London. M., those young girls, plus Taylor-Johnson’s two daughters from her previous marriage to art dealer Jay Jopling, a near tween and a teenager, were climbing around her Hollywood Hills villa like macaques on a Hindu temple. “It was move the family to Los Angeles to finish or commute from London,” said Taylor-Johnson, a slender, self-possessed blonde who had dressed in sporty blue shorts and a white T-shirt in expectation of taking a hike.P.—became one of the most powerful art dealers in Europe and the primary salesman of the Y. In a way, your daydreams come to life before your eyes, if not always in exactly the way you imagined.”When the film rights came up for sale, in 2012, they created an explosion in Hollywood.At least six studios and dozens of producers were interested, meeting with James and her agent in Los Angeles and London.What Christian does for work remains mysterious, revealed mostly in snippets of phone conversations about “attractive investments” and “plots of land,” and discussions about feeding Darfur—which makes it even more delicious that man’s head could be turned by the mild-mannered, after-school-job-at-the-hardware-store, thoroughly down-to-earth Anastasia Steele, whose only real shortcoming is that she’s too skinny because she never, ever feels a desire to eat.Then throw in the blindfolds and chains, the fact that Christian uses the blindfolds and chains to torture his girlfriends—the books, at least in this regard, are hardly pro-women’s rights—because he’s in deep pain about a childhood spent with a crack-addicted mother and her abusive pimp, and you’ve got an unstoppable train barreling straight into the libidos of middle-aged mommies everywhere.In five, Anastasia gets a spanking (later, when she feels sad, Christian rushes back to her apartment to sleep with her in his arms).

came to be, in case you managed to miss the attention lavished on it by the mainstream media over the past few years.

At night, she adopted the pen name “Snowqueens Icedragon” and later “E. James,” shielding her identity from nosy co-workers so that she felt free to write “some naughty stuff.”James published her stories online in forums filled with a very specific fan group: the Twihards, or, specifically, the slice of Twihards who are obsessed with not only the interactions of Stephenie Meyer’s two main characters, human girl Bella and vampire Edward, in the four was the bible, but Snowqueens Icedragon and her fellow fan-fiction writers spun their tales in many different directions.

James had the clever idea of remaking Bella as Anastasia Steele, a Brontë-loving virgin finishing college in the Pacific Northwest, and transforming Edward into Christian Grey, a bondage-loving, emotionally stunted Seattle billionaire.

A knot of toned, plucked, and thoroughly bored mommies began to talk about the novels, furtively, at spin class and school pickups.

These women weren’t great readers, per se, but there was something in James’s books that lit a spark in them, and I have a feeling it wasn’t the plot.

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