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Using an iron mordant, brown dye can be changed to a charcoal or gray color. Common names include raspberry, blackberry, blackcap, and thimbleberry.Varieties of blackberry include dewberry, boysenberry, and loganberry.(Note: Most plants can produce more than one color.Additional colors produced by a specific plant are included in parentheses.Leaves can be collected as they fall in the autumn and used as a brown dye. A black and a red dye can be obtained from the fruit.A black dye is obtained from the leaves, bark, and roots.Dyes that need this type of assistance are called adjective or mordant dyes.Mordants are water-soluble chemicals, usually metallic salts, which create a bond between dye and fiber thus increasing the adherence of various dyes to the item being dyed.

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The actual color one gets from a natural dye depends not only on the source of the dye but also on the mordant, and the item being dyed.

Most mordant recipes also call for the addition of cream of tartar or tartaric acid. Green dyes were made from algae and yellow dyes were made from lichens.

Bark was used to wash and restore the brown color to old moccasins.

In the western United States, various layers of red alder bark, ), an important dye plant, with fall colors.

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