Shrek dating game

If the rumor is true, it could be a deliberate attack by his former partner Jeffrey Katzenberg, who worked on this film.

The song "All Star" by Smash Mouth, heard in the opening credits, was only a placeholder for test screenings until a new song could be found.The decision to revoice Shrek in a Scottish accent ended up costing an additional million, as it took him twenty sessions to complete the re-voiceover.It can also be stated that Shrek's accent is similar to the one Mike Myers uses for his character Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers series.The song "Welcome to Duloc", which is sung by the wooden dolls in the cabinet at the entrance to Duloc, is not only a parody of Disney's "It's a Small World", but is in the same key and has the same beats per minute (tempo) as the Disney song.In an interview once Eddie Murphy joked that the movie Shrek, and his character Donkey, became so popular that had he died the year the movie was released newspapers would have probably used a picture of Donkey instead of Eddie Murphy.

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