Silverlight dependency property not updating

There, the UIProperty Meta Data can be used for Attached Properties and DPs.

I suggest leaving these untouched and creating new snippets named (for instance) slpropa and slpropdp.

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A class that inherits the dependency property through its class inheritance can override the original metadata so that the characteristics of the property that can be altered through metadata will match any subclass-specific requirements.

Overriding metadata on a dependency property must be done prior to that property being placed in use by the property system (this equates to the time that specific instances of objects that register the property are instantiated).

This example shows how to override default dependency property metadata that comes from an inherited class, by calling the Override Metadata method and providing type-specific metadata.

By defining its Property Metadata, a class can define the dependency property's behaviors, such as its default value and property system callbacks.

Subsequent attempts to override metadata on the same type will raise an exception.Here you can find a demo project with full source code. I noticed while working with Attached Properties and Dependency Properties that the code snippet is wrong. My guess is that this is an older version of the Register methods.😛 ) The first solution you might think about is setting the default value of the Dependency Property’s default value.Maybe –1 for example, so that at least the engine can detect a change.

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