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It is important that teenagers understand what dating does and does not involve. There should never be any expectations on either side.In the example, the boy paid, but the girl offered to pay her part.Starting a conversation about some of the adolescent-related social situations may be awkward.The social story can act as the conversation starter itself.Every time they turn around, a teenager is exposed to something that they may not like, want, or that they know is wrong.Adults play a role in mentoring and influencing their young, impressionable minds.Some other dating scenarios that can be taught using social stories include: Once teenagers are around the ages of 15 or 16, when they can legally work in most states, they often become eager to find part-time jobs.Besides teaching students how to complete a job application, it is important that they know how to prepare for a job interview.

This approach can be helpful in maintaining their interest in the conversation as well.Though there are many different instances of negative peer pressure, drinking is a common one.The example shows an abbreviated way a situation could play out if the teenager says no.Neither person should expect the other to pay for the whole date.It is nice if one does, but both people should be prepared to pay their own way.

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