Speed dating events in minneapolis mn

Do you ask yourself, "Isn't there anywhere near me where I can meet someone?

Nibble on locally sourced goodies if hunger pangs strike while lounging on a couch or cozied up at the bar.

Strip clubs and fetish bars are obvious no-nos, as are loud clubs and bars that attract an obnoxious-when-drunk clientele (if these types of bars are your scene your date should be spared on the initial introduction). Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 823-7125 is a great place to get to know someone you’ve only just met.

If you’ve got a pending blind date, give these suggested bars a try. It’s a small, intimate venue and a perfect place to grab a late-evening glass of wine.

It's hard to find a new, local place to meet someone.

At Singles Events.com, we do all the legwork for you by finding the best local bars and venues and arranging no-pressure events so that you can show up and enjoy yourself.

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